I thought I could do it all, and I have an inclination you’ve felt (or are still feeling) this way too.

My version looked like this:

I thought I could run a business, be a full time mom, be a friend, have a phenomenal relationship and take care of myself. (Turns out I can, just not all at full throttle).

I was spending time and energy being mom and building a business without daycare. My self care fell flat. Everytime my son took a nap, I’d work. I neglect myself. The less space I had for myself, the less present I grew in all the other areas on my life.

Morning meditations, a daily yoga practice and a body treatment every so often helped but it still wasn’t enough to carry me through the day feeling happy, healthy and fully like myself.

So I had to make some shifts, I needed to get day care or pull back on my business. I did the later.

I got really intentional and I rallied some loved ones to help me out.

I carved out more space.

With these shifts I felt more present in my relationships, more connected to my body and happier in my life.

It’s not perfect. Some days I feel really drained and depleted.

Most days I am tuckered out by the end and I go to sleep fulfilled. (That is a really great feeling by the way.)

It’s is possible to have a fulfilling life, now not when your kids are older, when you’ve lost weight or your business gets off the ground. It will take some strategy and courage to shift your life around in small or big ways, but you showing up fully as yourself is always worth it.

Now, I would love to hear from you in the comments below: what does your version look like?

Where are you putting a ton of pressure on yourself to get it all done? Does it feel like your back is against a wall? How can you carve out some space? Where can you let go a bit? Where can you ramp things up to feel more fully like you?


Be easy on yourself.

With love,