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We had super yummy carrot cake at our wedding. The lady who made our cake was so sweet, she went over ingredients with us and tested different varieties. The carrot cake was my favorite! After the wedding I needed to find a good excuse to make it annually…... read more
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When you’re craving something sweet, reach for these! The nutrients in walnuts are great for your skin and your mind. These are a perfect pick me up, topped on oatmeal or winter salad. They also make a great gift for friends! You can make the same reciepe with... read more
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Lazy Red Beans & Rice

Happy Fat Tuesday!! Full disclosure here…I have no ties to the south. I simply love making comfort foods healthy and convient. This is my lazy healthy version of red beans and rice. You can make an individual serving for a quick workday breakfast or... read more
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Happy + Healthy Digestion: How to be more regular

My digestion has always been a bit slow and this use to cause me a decent deal of abdominal pain. Feeling like there’s bricks in my belly is not comfy at all. I’ve tried every trick-and tintrict-under the sun to improve my digestive health but over the years I’ve... read more
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Why you should take a digital detox

Last week I set my phone on top of my car and drove off. Silly, I know. Instead of racing down to get a new phone, I decided to give myself a digital detox and it’s been just what the doctor ordered. Here’s why… Taking away the pull of my phone,... read more
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Spring Cleaning Made Simple

No one has ever accused me of being overly organized, ever. I am the kind of gal who likes to try it to ALL on (leaving a pile on the closet floor), cook up a storm, make a mess, clean it up and make more messes. My imagination and creativity perk up in the kitchen,... read more
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Yoga for better sleep

I LOVE the change of seasons. The transition is always a great time to shake up old habits, hit reset and find a new rhythm. I also know I have a wicked time with insomnia, so I am going into this daylight savings week with a big intention to set myself up for deep... read more
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Are you doing this too…

I thought I could do it all, and I have an inclination you’ve felt (or are still feeling) this way too. My version looked like this: I thought I could run a business, be a full time mom, be a friend, have a phenomenal relationship and take care of myself. (Turns out I... read more
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Eating like you love yourself

I love food. I love making food. I love eating it. I love how food makes me feel. I love that food creates bonds between friends, family and strangers. It can be so celebratory. I also love being able to listen to what my body needs, but it took me a awhile to get... read more
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Chocolate Banana Muffins + Food Cravings

I’ve shied away from sharing recipes for a long time. Because the truth is, sweet treats can be my kryptonite, especially the healthy upgraded versions! But here’s the deal for me, life is too short to not relish my favorite foods and flavors. So I don’t cut myself... read more
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