Last week I set my phone on top of my car and drove off. Silly, I know.

Instead of racing down to get a new phone, I decided to give myself a digital detox and it’s been just what the doctor ordered. Here’s why…

Taking away the pull of my phone, allowed me to be more connected with myself, more present with the people in my life, more creative, focused and productive.

Instead of scrolling through social media in my down moments I started spending more time with myself.

Giving myself actual breaks feels amazing.

I stopped looking to my phone for inspiration and spent more time finding inspiration (and clarity) in my everyday life.

Here’s how to give it a go (without running over your device)

REALIZE THAT YOU’RE NOT ACTUALLY MISSING OUT It can feel like you’re going to miss something great, but if there is someone you really like to connect with you can always go to their feed and you’ll filter out all of the other fluff. This is a much more intentional way to spend your time!

POWER DOWN FOR AT LEAST AN HOUR A DAY AND ONE WHOLE DAY A WEEK. Try it-just for this month. See what it feels like to have the time and headspace to do what you want, like go for a walk, spend time outside, cook a meal and eat it without distractions or pick up the book on your night stand.

TAKE A VACATION “OFF THE GRID” Unplug and see what it feels like to have a full week without email or social media. Let people in your life know that you won’t be ‘on call’ at the time and go without.

Without the pull of your phone you can be in the moment.¬†You can find ease in challenges, solutions to problems might come to you (when you have some headspace), you may feel happier, calmer and more creative, but you’ll just have to try and see what it’s like for you.

Be easy on yourself,