My digestion has always been a bit slow and this use to cause me a decent deal of abdominal pain. Feeling like there’s bricks in my belly is not comfy at all.

I’ve tried every trick-and tintrict-under the sun to improve my digestive health but over the years I’ve found there is no one and done trick to keep things running smoothly. It’s a holistic approach.

So I’d thought I’d share what works for me, just in case you need a little help here too…


Your bowls are like dirty dishes that need to be soaked to be cleaned easily. I have to be really intentional about my water consumption. I wake up drink tea or water and then I have a smoothie for breakfast. I notice my digestion is better all day if I give my pipes one easy meal to kick start the day. Don’t let the water intake stop there, be mindful that you’re meeting your daily requirements of half your bodyweight in ounces per day.


Digestion is pretty complex stuff but one thing is clear-when your body is in stress mode, digestion shuts down. Turns off. Haults. If you’re a chronic over thinker or worrier-if you don’t allow your body and brain to rest-your digestion is gunna suffer.  Find ways to unwind. Meditation and restorative yoga are both really great ways to turn on your body’s’ relaxation response. I practice morning and evening routines- to turn on my body’s relaxation response-especially, when my digestive system is not a go.


Moving your body helps things move along. Pick activities that can help manage stress (not create more). Yoga, hiking, biking and dancing are things that are fun for me. Choose something fun that helps you connect, cut loose and feel more like yourself.


Go to the market and get the most gorgeous and colorful stuff you can get your hands on. (Fresh stuff is full of fiber and water. Processed stuff slows down digestion. Don’t stress too much about it, just add in more of the good and you’ll naturally crowd out the bad.)


Digestion begins way before we have food in our mouth. Make your meals a little more meaningful by playing music as you prepare the food, maybe light candles and be sure to sit down, slow down, chew and enjoy. It will help your body thoroughly digest and metabolize your meals as intended. (I get you’re probably not going to have a ton of time during your lunch hour to make a major production-still-shutting off email, taking a few deep breathes and chewing your food will help your digestion in big ways.)

Glowing skin, endless energy and a healthy outlook on life start in your gut!

I hope this holistic approach to digestive health helps you feel lighter and brighter! If you have any tricks that work well for you, leave a comment below. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Be easy on yourself,