No one has ever accused me of being overly organized, ever.

I am the kind of gal who likes to try it to ALL on (leaving a pile on the closet floor), cook up a storm, make a mess, clean it up and make more messes. My imagination and creativity perk up in the kitchen, with home decor, diy projects and even spring cleaning.

Living fully is messy and fun.

It isn’t about being picture perfect, but real.

Yet, the saying is “messy bed, messy head”! Studies show that a neat space has positive physiological benefits.  

And even though I am not a naturally neat girl, having a congestion free home space makes me feel more grateful, clear and even creative. So I do my best to flex my ‘tidy’ muscle.

Here’s how we get it done in our daily life:

Each Sunday morning we wake up have breakfast and we tag team the house.

Joshua turns on a Pandora station and we get to it.

We wash clothes and sheets. We scrub toilets, showers and bath tubs. We sweep, mop and vacuum. We clean out the refrigerator and wipe down the kitchen. We dust and shake out the rugs and then we kick back and connect for the rest of the day.

It works for us and we move into the week feeling energized, connected and calm.

Here are a few of my favorite tips:

Be easy on your body, budget and the environment: I love using homemade cleaners as often as possible. My go-to solution is 1:1 mixture of white vinegar to water, kept in a spray bottle. I use it on kitchen counters, for bathtub and shower grime and to spot mop the kitchen floor.

Find joy:  I actually really enjoy cleaning the house, maybe I choose to enjoy it. Either way it’s got to be done, so why not have a bit of fun! Right? (If you can afford a house cleaner go for it, if not, just enjoy the process.) Great music helps!

Ditch stress: With a two year old I could be picking up and cleaning all. the. time. I choose to not to stress out about it. (Most nights) we rinse dishes after dinner and pick up toys before bed, we save the big clean for Sunday and rest easy, knowing life has space to be crazy beautiful.

Save big projects for the change of seasons: purge the pantry, your closest and your junk drawers when the seasons change. (And by seasons I mean spring, summer, fall or winter and the life stuff like motherhood, moves… really any transitions.)

For the big projects, get clear: If your home and your heart aren’t feeling how you want them to feel, do the inner work to get clear on how you want to feel. With this feeling in mind, get lots of trash bags, focus on one area at a time, get rid of the things that make your home feel congested and overfull or flat and uninspired.

Make the space to bring beauty in your home, head and heart!

Now I would love to know how do you want your space to feel? What’s one action you can take to feel this way in your space today? And if you have any tidy tips-please share!

Be easy on yourself.

with love,