Yoga is one of those things that makes your body buzz in the best possible way. I mean you’ve probably heard some of the really groovy benefits from a regular practice, like less stress, better blood flow, more strength, stamina and flexibility, increased energy, and overall health improvements.

Yet, most of us approach any movement activity  with the mindset they we need to slim down, shape up and shed a few. We hold onto this idea of a perfect body and beat ourselves up when things are squishier in our yoga pants than we wish.

So we seek the burn.

Now when we seek the burn our brain and body jump into survival mode. This is called the stress response. And the activity generally feels like punishment. AND it generally makes us feel like we need a reward or a cheat meal post burn.

(We stay stuck in a cycle of trying hard to undo the damage. It’s madness.)

I want you to try something radically different.

Instead of working out to fix your perceived flaws, what if you moved your body to feel really amazing?

Instead of seeking the burn, go after feeling great. Find the body buzzing sensation.

Be easy on yourself!