We live in an all or nothing society. Either I’m going to practice yoga for 60 minutes everyday or skip it completely. I am going to do eat perfectly clean or go for junk until I get up the gumption to do a diet overhaul, again. Starting January 1st…Starting Monday morning....You get the idea.

I am not indifferent to this. I am after all a recovering perfectionist. And you bet I’ve beat myself up about it.

As you may know, it’s not fun or very effective.

Yet we think the harder we are on ourselves and the more pressure we put on ourselves we will eventually force ourselves to change through sheer will and self-control.

And you may have noticed that this rarely works. We lose steam, life happens and we fall off the wagon.

So here’s the thing, what if self- discipline doesn’t exist? What if there is no executive part of the brain that has authority over all the other parts of the brain?

Guess what? There’s not.

Various parts of our brain, with different priorities, fire simultaneously.

Self-discipline is this wacky made up concept. (Let that one sink in your bones.)

Now that you know, you can quit being so darn hard on yourself.

But I still want you to be able to make the lifestyle changes and do the things that help you feel your best. Because it feels so darn good to feel our best.

So if you can’t will yourself into positive change…you must make it enjoyable and default. (This stacks the odds for you instead of against you.)

More on this later.

For now, cut yourself some slack and get it out of your pretty little head that you’re broken because you can’t stick to someone else’s plan or program.

Be easy on yourself,