I LOVE the change of seasons. The transition is always a great time to shake up old habits, hit reset and find a new rhythm.

I also know I have a wicked time with insomnia, so I am going into this daylight savings week with a big intention to set myself up for deep sleep.

Below I’ve outline a somewhat long bedtime routine composed of self-care and a restorative yoga sequence. Some days I won’t have time to do all of this and I may not stick with it forever but for now I know these are the steps I’m taking to sleep more soundly now.

I hope you’ll join me, even if you don’t have trouble sleeping it is a great way to intentionally turn on the body’s relaxation response.

First, the set up…

Set your alarm clock and tuck away any technology.

Brush your teeth, brush your hair, dry brush your skin.

Take a shower or soak in a bath.


Then the yoga…

(Rest in these poses for a few minutes each. Comfort is key.)

Dim the lights and climb into a comfortable seated position in your bed (use your pillows under your hips and behind your back to get comfy). Close your eyes and take a few deep breathes, settling into yourself.

From your seated position, take a simple side stretch to both sides.

Straighten your legs, putting one pillow under your knees and one on top of your legs to rest your head as your fold forward.

Place a pillow by your bed frame and lay with your hips as close to the wall as you can. Bring your legs up the wall and hang out here for a few minutes.

Take a supine twist. Lay flat on your back and drop your knees over the right. Take nice easy breathes here. Then switch sides.

Lay flat and notice the sensation in your body until you drift off.

Sweet dreams!

Do you have any night time rituals? I would love to know, share your better sleep tricks in the comments below.

Be easy on yourself,